u nostalgia u lose

Spent $10 at the NC mall on shenanigifts.. now I have two:

  • Feathered Sterling Silver Wig
  • Silver Studded Blue Shoes
  • Snow Covered Forest

And all I wanted was that blue dress.. :/  Or at least the other items, but nope.. ended up with duplicates and now I don’t know what to do with them.  I have no gift boxes so I can’t trade or anything.  Ahhhh.  Anybody else on the some boat?

I’ve never traded NC before but from what I’ve gathered, you need gift boxes to send items to others…?

Yeah.. so my draik turned shadow after the first zap, and then he turned into a green flotsam ;____;

Also, does anybody know why PDEs have deflated so much?  Not too long ago, they were still going for 1.8-1.9 and now they’re as low as 1.5 mil in auctions?

I’ve decided to zap this 3rd Draik.. wish me luck :|

A month ago, I didn’t have any Draiks.. now, I have 3.  I think I have a problem.

The pet ——— was stolen from their owner. We are returning this pet to them and are crediting your account with the Neopoints you spent to adopt it.

Okay.. so I found the pet stuck in the pound, and it was stuck in the pound for a while.  And maybe this pet was stolen and pounded, and I appreciate the neopoints, BUT THE PET WAS RETURNED ALONG WITH ALL MY CUSTOMIZATION ITEMS.  WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK TNT?

I now have my own nightsteed, thanks to the lab ray!  I haven’t gotten any good color changes lately, but once I morphed her into a uni, she got zapped Halloween!  Yay!  Now I don’t have to worry so much about downsizing ^___^


so what’s the deal with all the pirate talk on neopets lately?
 Just curious. o.o

it’s national talk like a pirate day.. so TNT added pirate filters on the site that change certain words

Tricky, Tricky TNT


TNT has officially gained my respect. They were able to integrate and keep stoner pets in a children’s online game without anyone realizing. Just look a those grey pets. Draw a blunt in their paws or in their mouth and it all makes sense.

especially the UC grey pets lol